Want to make a real impact with your research?

Put it on the market!

What does ERBS do?

Ambitious and passionate scientists can valorize their innovative ideas through ERBS. If expected that the idea can be commercially successful a scientist’s research can be marketed with ERBS providing support and advice in the areas of business development, pre-funding, access to a relevant network, preparation of a business plan and financial and administrative support. The innovative research activities will be privatized if enough turnover is achieved and under the umbrella of the Erasmus Enterprise Holding a separate business venture.

What are the criteria?

  • You are a scientist associated with the Erasmus University Rotterdam;
  • You are passionate about your research and want to valorize it commercially;
  • You are an entrepreneur;
  • You are willing to invest time.

Should you meet the requirements and your idea is approved you can take advantage of the following services:

  • Workspace in the Mandeville building;
  • Support in preparing a business plan;
  • Coaching & mentoring;
  • Marketing & communications support;
  • Financial and administrative support;
  • Pre-financing;
  • With enough turnover the possibility to establish a business venture within Erasmus Enterprise Holding;
  • A broad relevant network.

How does it work?

The process consists of the following steps:

Step 1: Describe your idea

When doing business with knowledge you first start by describing your knowledge, innovation or invention. Then we determine whether the idea is suitable for further exploitation. You develop an exploitation plan and discuss the substantive, financial, organizational and legal aspects with us.

Step 2: Develop your idea

What is the feasibility and commercial viability of your idea? You investigate this with us in the second step. Making an idea market-ready costs money. We think along with you about how you will finance your project.

Step 3: Make your business plan

Is your idea clearly defined and is it feasible to realize? Then you can start making a business plan. We help you draw up the business plan and have a format for this. Here you describe what problem you solve with your service or product, what need(s) are met, whether there is a demand for it within the market and you describe the competitive position. Your plan includes a revenue model, a marketing plan and market analyses.

Step 4: Bring your idea to the market 

After the business plan you can really get down to marketing your idea. This involves a lot of work. We also support you in this follow-up process. For example: developing a corporate identity, website, social media, accounting, event management, etc.

Any questions? Contact us and drop by for a cup of coffee!

Which impact centers have preceded you?

Auctiometrix advises government agencies worldwide on the design and implementation of (spectrum) auctions. It also advises (telecom) companies on determining the optimal bidding strategy. Auctiometrix also offers (web-based) auction software. This software can easily be adapted to the wishes of the client.

GovernEUR aims to strengthen the problem-solving capacity in society by deploying state-of-the-art public administration knowledge that is developed, applied and refined in interaction with practitioners. At the same time the application of this knowledge leads to new knowledge and insights and the daily practice of policy and governance can inspire scientific research with new themes and issues.

International Cooperation conducts applied research in the field of international development including evaluation research or international development cooperation. International Cooperation leads or participates in research teams including other academic staff of Erasmus University Rotterdam and/or external subject specialists. Specific expertise of International Cooperation in the field of international development includes analysis of labor markets, inequality and poverty and application of quantitative and qualitative evaluation techniques.

The Erasmus Competition & Regulation Institute (ECRi) is a research institute on competition policy and market regulation. ECRi’s aim is to provide effective, concise, understandable and scientifically sound advice on competition and regulation for policy makers in business and government. ECRi conducts research for clients such as ministries, private companies, law firms and regulatory agencies.

Erasmus OR Centre focuses on advising work councils and employee participation committees. Erasmus OR Centre focuses on the more complex themes and questions that arise in the context of employee participation. The Erasmus OR Centre mainly supports work councils and participation committees. The centre is also available to the board and management of organizations who call on the OR Centre for issues in the field of employee participation.

Behavioural Insights Group Rotterdam (BIG’R)  puts scientific behavioural knowledge into practice. By conducting behavioral research, providing advice, and developing interventions, BIG’R contributes to more effective policy. In addition, BIG’R helps professionals to put behavioral knowledge into practice themselves by giving lectures, workshops, and short training courses.

Impact successes

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