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ERBS – Erasmus Research & Business Support forms the link between scientific knowledge of Erasmus University Rotterdam and issues of organizations and public institutions. We connect relevant stakeholders and make scientific expertise more accessible.


The society is getting more complex and more knowledge intensive. Erasmus University Rotterdam contributes to the development of knowledge trough her faculties and institutions. Making this scientific knowledge accessible is essential for society.


ERBS is the incubator of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. We make scientific knowledge accessible and make it applicable to people and society.

For many researchers, creating impact with their research is an important motivation in their scientific career. We focus on these researchers’ innovative research activities.

We do this by offering a place, guidance and financing. In this way they can optimally translate their research results into practical applications and thus contribute to the new mission of the EUR: creating a positive social impact.


Erasmus University sees it as its responsibility to understand and solve the complex challenges in society by developing and sharing excellent academic knowledge and skills. To bring this about, the university serves as a link between the knowledge of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and interested organizations, in order to create valuable solutions together that result in positive social impact. Read more about the EUR’s impact policy here.


This important link is fulfilled, among other things, by the incubator Erasmus Research and Business Support (ERBS BV). At ERBS, the scientist can start his or her own ‘scientific start-up’. ERBS acts as an incubator for the EUR and supports and advises these incubates in many different areas.

They work together with companies, governments and organizations. Both nationally and globally. The start-ups all have a common mission: Creating impactful business by using high scientific knowledge and transform it into useful ideas, solutions and services.

Do you think it is important that scientific knowledge is optimally used for society and do you want to support one of our start-ups financially? This is possible! The Erasmus Trust Fund Foundation manages a number of earmarked funds to which you can contribute. More information can be found here.


ERBS maakt deel uit van EUR Holding BV en is gelieerd aan de Erasmus School of Economics. We maken tevens gebruik van de beschikbare deskundigheid van de andere faculteiten van de Erasmus Universiteit, namelijk Bedrijfskunde, Rechten, Sociologie, Filosofie, Gezondheid en Cultuur.

Raad van Commissarissen
Hans Stam, voorzitter
Karen Maas
John van Barneveld