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ERBS – Erasmus Research & Business Support forms the link between scientific knowledge of Erasmus University Rotterdam and issues of organizations and public institutions. We connect relevant stakeholders and make scientific expertise more accessible.


The society is getting more complex and more knowledge intensive. Erasmus University Rotterdam contributes to the development of knowledge trough her faculties and institutions. Making this scientific knowledge accessible is essential for society.


ERBS is the incubator of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. We make scientific knowledge accessible and make it applicable to people and society.

For many researchers, creating impact with their research is an important motivation in their scientific career. We focus on these researchers’ innovative research activities.

We do this by offering a place, guidance and financing. In this way they can optimally translate their research results into practical applications and thus contribute to the new mission of the EUR: creating a positive social impact.


ERBS is part of EUR Holding and is linked to the Erasmus School of Economics. We also make use of the available expertise of the other departments of Erasmus University, namely business administration, law, sociology, philosophy, health and culture.

Supervisory Board
Hans Stam, chairman
Karen Maas
John van Barneveld