Evaluation of Development-relevant Infrastructure Development Programme ORIO

The external evaluation of the ORIO programme assessed its achievements so far. Its main objectives were:

  • to determine the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, additionality and policy coherence of the ORIO programme;
  • to learn from the assessment of the functioning and effects of the ORIO programme and the use of resources, in order to generate relevant information for the improvement of similar programmes.

The evaluation focused on the period from 2009 to the end of 2018 and addressed key issues at both the programme level and the project level. It combined qualitative research, based on a study of documents and interviews with stakeholders, with quantitative research, based on data from the portfolio of projects and data collected for the following case studies:

  • Enhancement of maternal Health and Paediatric Service in the Zanzibar archipelago, Mnazi Moja Hospital, Tanzania;
  • Rehabilitation of Kilimanjaro International Airport, Tanzania;
  • Development of the Port of Ziguinchor, Senegal;
  • Satellite-Based Water Monitoring and Flow Forecasting System for the Niger River Basin, Niger.

As far as available, it made use of findings of six impact assessments (being) conducted by external consultants under separate contracts.

The team of consultants for the evaluation was led by Nico van der Windt (Erasmus University Rotterdam) and furthermore comprised Elena Gross (University of Bayreuth), Martin van der Linde (independent researcher), Niek de Jong, Dr. Ogenis Brilhante, Floris de Haan, Jan-Jelle Witte and Prof Dr. Geske Dijkstra (all of Erasmus University Rotterdam). Viviana Cordero Vinueza provided helpful research assistance. The following evaluators also contributed to the underlying case studies of this evaluation: Dr. Stephen Kirama from Tanzania, Mr. Ousseynou Diop from Senegal and Ms. Fannata Souleymane Mamdou Mari from Niger.

Period of implementation: January 2019-March 2020

Main report:

Nico van der Windt and Niek de Jong. Evaluation ORIO – “Ontwikkelingsrelevante Infrastructuurontwikkeling”. Final Report. Report commissioned by the Department of Sustainable Economic Development of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands. Erasmus University Rotterdam, March 2020.