The Erasmus Centre for HR Expertise advises in the field of HRM, particularly about complex and strategic issues. Due to our broad network within and outside Erasmus University Rotterdam, we can easily mobilise scientific knowledge.

Scientific research

We offer scientific research in the field of policy making, decision making support and evaluation concerning of HRM and labour relations. For example, benchmarking, HR metrics & analytics and research about return on HR investments.

Professionalising HRM competences

The Erasmus Centre for HR Expertise provides HR and Staff Managers both open and in-company programmes in order to professionalise HRM competences. We offer these programmes as multiday courses and compact Master Classes. Examples are: Business Administration for HRM, Strategic Talent Management and Creativity & Innovation.

Certification, workshops and mentoring

Corresponding to the certification for HR professionals offered by NVP, SHRM and IPD we offer a test and certification of HRM competences at the level of Senior HR Professional and HR Director/Chief HR Officer. During the test we look at cognitive HR competences, skills and personality.

To keep your certification we offer several workshops, in order to yearly obtain enough Permanent Education (PE-) points. Since mentoring is also one of the prerequisites of recertification we offer guided mentoring for small teams (approximately four participants). Feedback will be given in a systematic manner about the way the participants deal with the context, roles and tasks within their organization.


Senior HR Professionals Network

We have a network of Senior HR Professionals, who are employable as Project Manager or Interim Manager for demanding projects in the field of renewal of HRM, reorganization, outsourcing and benchmarking. We take care of professional guiding and coaching of these HR Professionals.

The network is accessible for HR Professionals who meet the requirements for certification of HR Professional by NVP, who have participated in the certification as Senior HR Professional or Chief HR Officer by the Erasmus Centre for HR Expertise and who have enough PE-points.

In case you are interested in participating in the network, you can apply by contacting Job Hoogendoorn.

Job Market Prep Programme

In the autumn of 2015 we have organised a programme, for almost/just graduates, to prepare them for the labour marketĀ in collaboration with Nox People. During four evenings, the participants get a good view on the labour market and their own qualities. Click here for more information.


In 2014 we have executed the following projects:

  • In-company Course Business Administration for HRM for ABN AMRO Netherlands, in collaboration with WEKA
  • Course HRM Strategic Partner for the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Surinam, in collaboration with WEKA
  • Orientation in the field of the introduction of Compentences management for the Ministry of Interior Affairs of Lithuania
  • Training in HR Planning, Rightsizing & Downsizing for the Civil Service Bureau of Jordan (via Nuffic)
  • Advising DHL in the area of remuneration and the renewal of the collective labour agreement
  • Open programmes in the field of Business Administration and HRM, in collaboration with WEKA
  • Open programmes in the field of Business Administration and Facility Management, in collaboration with WEKA