ERBS is able to respond quickly to requests for (evaluation) research or advise. In contract research, we adhere to the principles of independence and application of scientifically sound methods. We work either individually or in teams, either as team leader or member. Teams can also comprise other scientific staff of the Erasmus University Rotterdam and/or external subject matter specialists. Erasmus University staff is frequently involved as advisor or quality controller for the contract research that is conducted. Below you can find a description of our main areas of expertise.

International cooperation

On behalf of clients such as ministries and international organisations, ERBS carries out  assignments in the following areas:

  • Policy and impact evaluations, e.g. of subsidy schemes, infrastructure development and public private partnerships
  • Public finance reform
  • Public finance management and budget support (including course development on the subject)
  • Labour markets, skill needs, education and training
  • Linkages between education, employment and incomes

Regulation and competition policy

Erasmus Competition and Regulation institute (ECRi) is an informal network of researchers working at Erasmus University Rotterdam. These researchers are specialised in executing scientific research in the field of industrial organisation, regulation in different markets and competition policy.

Interested in commissioning research in the above-mentioned areas?