The society is getting more complex and more knowledge intensive. Erasmus University Rotterdam contributes to the development of knowledge trough her faculties and institutions. Making this scientific knowledge accessible is essential for society.


ERBS commercialises scientific knowledge of Erasmus University Rotterdam for organisations and public institutions. We focus on innovative research activities from which we expect commercial success. We advise and facilitate them until the moment they can become independent. This knowledge valorisation is executed through business support, contract research and knowledge and competencies development.

Core values

The scientific knowledge of Erasmus University Rotterdam is characterised by impact & relevance. ERBS also stands for: sharing knowledge, connecting, innovation, independence and result oriented.


ERBS is part of EUR Holding and is linked to the Erasmus School of Economics. We also make use of the available expertise of the other department of Erasmus University, namely business administration, law, sociology, philosophy, health and culture.

Supervisory Board

Casper de Vries, chairman
Hans Stam
John van Barneveld