Laurien Poleij

Laurien Poleij


As Director, Laurien focuses on positioning ERBS in the market and within the Erasmus University. Furthermore, she creates opportunities and develops new business. Before working at ERBS, Laurien worked at Erasmus University Rotterdam since 2008. First she was responsible for several post academic courses. The last 3 years she worked at embedding training and development for all employees of the Erasmus University. This led to the formation of an academy, the Training and Development Platform, TOP.  Besides her position at ERBS, Laurien is director of EURflex, a payroll company of the Erasmus University.

Business Support

Job Hoogendoorn


Job is working for ERBS since 2014 and is founder of Erasmus OR Centre and ErasmusTalent. Earlier he worked in HRM both in The Netherlands and abroad. He had a long time involvement in the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, as an associate professor of HRM and as a Director for the Executive Master in Science Programme.

Aagje van Heekeren

HR Business Partner

Aagje works at ERBS since 2015. She coordinates the Job Market Prep meetings of ErasmusTalent. In the area of HR Aagje has 18 years experience by working at Aegon Insurance. Later, she worked for 20 years as self-employed in the charity world and philanthropy. Most recently she was director of Foundation Biblionef Netherlands, a small NGO in the field of literacy in developing countries.

Contract research

Niek de Jong

Senior Researcher

Niek is Senior Researcher and project manager at international cooperation. He is a development economist with over 25 years of experience in quantitative and qualitative policy analysis, monitoring and (impact) evaluation of public policy, as well as (micro) data analysis. His main areas of expertise within international cooperation are: public expenditure, labour markets, education, poverty and income distribution. Niek has worked in various research and consultancy projects commissioned by e.g. the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various UN agencies. The geographical focus of his work is on Latin America and the Caribbean.

Emiel Maasland

Managing Director Auctiometrix

Emiel is Managing Director of Auctiometrix and Affiliated Researcher at the Department of Applied Economics of the Erasmus School of Economics. He has over 15 years of experience in scientifically based contract research. He holds a PhD in Economics from Tilburg University. Emiel advised European regulators on the design and implementation of various auctions, in particular spectrum auctions for mobile communication and radio broadcasting. Furthermore, he advised private companies in antitrust cases in sectors such as the market for mobile telephony, motor fuels, bicycles, and liberal professions.


Niels van der Weerdt

Managing Partner

Niels has experience as entrepreneur and researcher at the Rotterdam School of Management. This enables him to bridge organisations and the scientific knowledge of the university. His expertise is in the field of social innovation and business model innovation.

Corniel van Leeuwen

Medior Academic Researcher

After completing his Master Public Administration, Corniel started as a researcher and advisor at the department Public Administration at the Erasmus University. Since 2015 he started working at GovernEUR. Since 2011, he is also administrative advisor at the program of Southwest Delta. Corniel is interested in making the value of promising public administration scientific methods. He does research and gives advice on projects, processes and programs on the boundary between water and space and advises on the use of different assessment methods which he himself also uses in various policy areas.

Mike Duijn

Senior Advisory Researcher

Mike works since 1992 as a Policy Researcher/Consultant. He started at the Institute of Social Sciences of Radboud University Nijmegen. He then worked at the department of Welfare at the municipality of Bergen op Zoom and at the Department of Research and Information of the municipality of Breda. In 2009, Mike was promoted at the Tilburg School of Politics and Public Administration. Currently, Mike works as a Senior Researcher at the Department of Public Administration at the Erasmus University and GovernEUR.
Jitske van Popering-Verkerk

Jitske van Popering-Verkerk

researcher and advisor

Jitske is a researcher and advisor at GovernEUR. She conducts research into cooperation in decision-making and the ability of parties to contribute to a successful cooperation. She is involved in various practical studies on complex issues in the spatial domain, such as flood risk management, climate adaptation, energy and soil. In these studies she makes extensive use of interactive and participative methods. In addition to her work as a researcher at GovernEUR, Jitske is post-doctoral researcher at the department of Public Administration & Sociology at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam.
Vivian Visser

Vivian Visser

PhD candidate and advisor

Vivian works as a PhD candidate and consultant for GovernEUR and the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She enjoys to combine thorough scientific research with advising policy makers and public professionals in the field, so that theory and practice can become mutually reinforcing. Her research and advice focusses on citizen participation and community initiatives in relation to the new Dutch Environment and Planning Act. Additionally, she is interested in the changing roles and relations between governments and citizens that this act entails.

Management support

Linda van Hoorn

Programme Coordinator

As programme coordinator Linda focuses on the development of the incubator activities. She is also responsible for the marketing and communication of ERBS. Linda studied media at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. After her graduation in 2014, she worked at several radio and TV companies as an editor, producer and reporter.

Els Holterhues-de Ruijsscher


Els is secretary at ERBS. Before that she was secretary at several organisations. Since 1984 she has been working at Erasmus University Rotterdam. First she worked at the department of Planning & Control. Later Els became management assistant at SSC Human Resources and Finance.

Mostafa Zeriouh


Mostafa is financial administrator of ERBS, SEOR and ESPR. He is primarily in charge of the Finance Department and concentrates on the financial projections and overall annual budget formulation. He advises the management of the institutes and assists employees in the formulation of specific budgets.

Ahamed Samet

Coordinator proposals and contracts

Ahamed is working at ERBS since 2019 as the coordinator for proposals and contracts for different projects. He also assists the financial department with the bookkeeping. Furthermore Ahamed also has his own company in the souvenir business. He develops smartphone covers catering for the young tourists visiting Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Berlin. These products are sold in more than 25 stores. He is also the president of Leiden Toastmasters, where one can learn and practice public speaking.